Tabi Norbey Quimbayo


Tabi Norbey Quimbayo

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This micro-lot comes to us from Colombia. There are a few noteworthy components to this coffee. First, it is a unique varietal, developed by the Federcion Nacional de Cafeteros. It’s a cross between Timor Hybrid, Bourbon and Typica. The word ‘Tabi’ means good in the guambiano dialect, and it certainly is.

This coffee cups at an impressive 87.5. Tasting notes include Floral, black tea, stone fruit lemonade and caramel. Like many Colombian coffee it’s a good all rounder. That brings us to the second point.

This coffee has been anaerobically fermented for a period of 27 hours before being sun dried. This type of processing is relatively new in coffee production and gives a very unique flavour to the coffee. Some of the best coffee I have ever tried has been partially fermented.

So for everyone who has been enjoying the cannon blend and some of the unique flavours that come across from the Wanita Gayo, I’d strongly urge to give this beautiful coffee a try before it’s all gone.

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Altitude: 1700-1750 masl

Temperature: 16 - 24°C

Annual Rainfall: 1800 - 2000 mm

Botanical Cultivars: Tabi 100%

Soil Characteristics: Volcanic Ashes

Process: Honey Natural