LM Home Mini Temperature Gauge

This little project involved trying to read the temperature of the La Marzocco Home (Linea Mini). This machine actually has an accurate sensor installed, just no temperature display. LM have used a thermistor so it’s not too hard to jack in an read the temperature directly off the sensor.

If you’d like to have a go at this modification yourself, check out all the code on our github.


Roaster Modifications

Custom Steam Tips

This is a project I've been working on recently. A customer came to me and was having trouble with their espresso machine. It was putting out a lot of steam, which is great if you want to froth up a few liters at a time but not so great if the cafe is doing a small run. Steam tips are something that can overlooked as cafe's transition their equipment from the mass produced lattes of the 90's, to the modern specialty coffee drinks popular now. Properly texturing milk requires a lot of control and skill from the barista and the existing technology was not suited to this. After searching for a good solution I ended up just spending and afternoon building some tips and I thought I'd share the results here. Hope you enjoy!

Silvia Modifications

The Rancilio Silvia is an excellent domestic coffee machine and is highly recommended for the home user. Several small modifications have been made to the machine to increase its functionality.

Bench-top Roasting

James' personally designed bench-top roaster is a heavily modified convection oven. The roaster is designed to roast to a curve paying special attention the rate of roast using process control software. Data is fed back to a laptop for analysis of the roast.

Slayer Solenoid Lock Washer

A friend of mine was chasing this spare part. It's a lock washer that is used on a Slayer Espresso Machines. Unfortunately this small piece of ABS broke off his machine and he was unable to order a replacement without purchasing the whole assembly. So I drew up a quick file ready to be 3D printed. Feel free to download and print one yourself! If you don't have a printer they are available at some officeworks stores, some local libraries and available for purchase at stores like Jaycar.

Download the Thingiverse File

Portafilter stand

This is a small stand I made up after trying to balance my portafilter for too long and getting inconsistent results. This stand allows the portafilter to balance on the scale more easily so weight readings are easier to obtain. I find this useful, particularly for smaller scales. Please see the link below to the thingiverse file where you can print one off for yourself.


Portafilter Photo.jpg